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Episode 10 – Men’s Health

June is men’s health month and in this episode of the O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast, Dr Jason O’Connor discusses how chiropractic care can go a long way to helping men and their families, keep on track with their health. The biggest killer for men under 50 is suicide...

Episode 9 – Supplementation

We're back with another episode of the O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast with family chiropractor Dr Jason O'Connor. This month, Dr Jason discusses the pitfalls of buying the wrong type of supplements, or poor quality ones. Modern farming has drastically...

Episode 8 – Chiro, Physio and Osteopathy

In this episode of the O'Connor Chiropractic podcast, Dr Jason details the difference between Chiropractic care, physiotherapy and osteopathy. In some cases, there are similarities, but how O’Connor Chiropractic is set up, a patient could go for their initial...

Episode 7 – Your chiropractic journey

Dr Jason O’Connor is back with another episode of the O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast – and today we’re stripping it back and talking about how your chiropractic journey would look should you become a patient. O’Connor Chiropractic is a family wellness centre in...

Episode 6 – Chiropractic care in the elderly

In this episode of the O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast, our focus shifts to the elderly and how chiropractic care can help with common issues experienced during old age. Dr Jason O’Connor talks adjusting patients who are suffering with osteoarthritis or osteoporosis and...

Episode 5 – Lower Back Pain

In this episode of the O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast, we’re back with Dr Jason talking about all things back pain. We’re finding out about the root cause of lower back pain and why it might occur - oftentimes because of underlying issues rather than just one incident...

Episode 4 – The Immune System

Why do we tend to get sick at this time of year? Believe it or not, it's not the climate... Dr Jason O'Connor from O'Connor Chiropractic tells us all about how a change of habits as we get towards the festive season are causing illnesses, and how this ties in with...

Episode 3 – Sleep and stress

Just how important is sleep when it comes to your overall health? Dr Jason O’Connor is talking sleeping positions, mattresses, pillows and just how much it can affect your sleep. We’re also delving into how sleep ties into headaches, migraines, low libido, digestion,...

Episode 2 – Stress, headaches and working from home

In this episode of the O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast, we're catching up with Dr Jason O'Connor to discuss working from home and how stress and headaches can arise from unhealthy habits. In a world where more and more people are hunched over a laptop when working from...

Episode 1 – Back to School

In the first episode of the O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast, we're chatting to Dr Jason O'Connor about 'back to school' and chiropractic care in children. What size and weight of backpacks should children be carrying to school? Is technology causing 'tech neck' and will...

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