Episode 8 – Chiro, Physio and Osteopathy

Episode 8 – Chiro, Physio and Osteopathy

Apr 5, 2023

O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast
O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast
Episode 8 - Chiro, Physio and Osteopathy

In this episode of the O'Connor Chiropractic podcast, Dr Jason details the difference between Chiropractic care, physiotherapy and osteopathy.

In some cases, there are similarities, but how O’Connor Chiropractic is set up, a patient could go for their initial consultation and Jason and the team would then advise what course of action is best, or which specialist is best to see.

Dr Jason also warns of the pitfalls of self-diagnosing and in some cases, people have attempted to adjust their own necks or spine by simply watching a YouTube video!

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