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At O’Connor Chiropractic, our main focus is helping you to achieve your optimum health, wellness and function and maintaining that throughout your whole life. That’s why we offer a range of services to compliment your Chiropractic care.

Our additional services are available to everyone, not just our Chiropractic patients. Contact us to find out more.

Personal Training

As the name suggests, Personal Training is a bespoke service. After going through an initial consultation with yourself – as well as speaking with Jason about your Chiropractic care if you are a current patient of the clinic – we can create a personalised programme to ensure you are moving safely and correctly. 

If you would like face-to-face sessions, we have an onsite Personal Training studio here. We also offer a programme writing service, for you to complete at home or in your own gym.

Massage Therapy – with Carlton Cox

There are many benefits to receiving regular massages alongside Chiropractic care. We recommend ongoing, regular care with both massage and Chiropractic to help keep the body aligned and healthy, allowing you to function at your optimum. Massage is available for anyone in the community as well as patients at the clinic.

Pilates – with Janet Cook

Pilates is a low-impact workout effective in strengthening, lengthening, and toning your muscles through controlled, repetitive movements. There are many benefits to incorporating Pilates into your workout routine. Including, but not limited to increased strength, greater core stability, improved balance, and more.

Studio Classes

We also host a range of additional classes in our dedicated on-site studio. These classes are open to anyone and more information can be found by contacting the session leaders directly through the contact buttons below.

Tai Chi with Paul Gitsham

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