The O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast – Preview

The O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast – Preview

Jul 13, 2022

O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast
O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast
The O'Connor Chiropractic Podcast - Preview

Welcome to the O’Connor Chiropractic Podcast! In this series, Harrogate chiropractor Dr Jason O’Connor will reveal all about the ins and outs of chiropractic care and how it can contribute to your overall health.

We’ll be debunking myths and talking about the safety of chiropractic, as well as delving into Jason’s history to find out why his family wellness centre in Harrogate has been a leading clinic in the area since 2004.

So what is chiropractic? And why start a podcast? In this preview, Your Harrogate radio presenter Pete Egerton chats to Dr Jason O’Connor to find out more.

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