Working in injury rehabilitation I knew I had done all I could with exercises and stretches. So, 6 weeks ago I decided to go and see Jason as I knew I had structural issues with my body after a few traumatic accidents and injuries in the past. 6 weeks in, I have had some fantastic benefits such as increased shoulder mobility, better posture, more energy, and a significantly reduced weight shift which is what the initial assessment had shown. I would recommend Jason to anybody who is requiring chiropractic treatment. In fact some of my existing clients have received treatment from Jason and the results have been fantastic. I could not thank him enough.

Furthermore, I like the fact that Jason holds a holistic mindset in helping people get healthy as the process of healing comes from additional factors such as diet, sleep, and exercise to name a few.

Lastly I should mention that the staff at O’Connor Chiropractic are always very welcoming and kind.