Dr Jason O’Connor (Chiropractor) was recommended to me. I arrived with what I thought was an old sports injury in my shoulder.

Jason looked at me and said the main problem is your neck – to my surprise. However after x-rays, it was clear chronic osteoarthritis in my neck (plus the shoulder injury).

When I started my treatment with Jason I was in constant pain, I could not lift my right arm, in fact I was very frightened I was loosing the use of my arm. In the early stages of treatment it was painful but I persevered, I did all the exercises and focused on changing my posture.

I have now gained the use again of my right arm, am free of pain and can function normally. His diagnosis and treatment were correct.

I cannot recommend Jason highly enough, not only for the treatment but for keeping me motivated whilst in pain. The staff at the clinic are kind and helpful which made my visits pleasant.